Internal Trials Details – Saturday 7th March 2015
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St John’s Eagles JRLFC would like to bring to your attention the new player allocation and grading process for Season 2015. To assist in the large number of players attending training, players will be graded into groups based on their current skill levels. Grading will be carried out by a grading committee comprising of experienced coaches, trainers and senior committee members who collectively have many years of coaching experience.

  • During the first week of preseason training each player will go through an evaluation process where they will be marked on how well they can perform the basic core skills of the game.
  • Catching
  • Passing
  • Grip and Carry
  • Tackling
  • Agility
  • Speed
  • At the conclusion of the grading session, the grading committee will run through a thorough scoring (grading) system before a player is allocated into their initial preseason group (Advanced, Intermediate and Beginners).
  • We expect to finalise initial teams and grading’s after the 1st week of preseason training. (any player who turns up after this period will also need to be evaluated prior to being allocated a group).
  • Each player will be informed on their group after this point by their team coach.
  • The groups will then split up and go through a specifically designed 5 week preseason training program, focusing on developing each player on the core skills of Rugby League.
  • During this period players will also be involved in a number of trial games that will form part of each player’s final assessment.
  •  At the conclusion of the 5 week program each player will be reassessed on each of the core skills and scored. The total score along with their overall performance during the trial games will be assessed by the grading committee prior to finalising the teams for this season.
  • It is the grading committee’s ambition to ensure players are graded according to their overall football capability, so that they can have a positive football experience during the year, and grow as a player and a person overall.
  • It is also our intention to ensure each player and teams are put in correct divisions for their overall development and enjoyment.
  • Good Luck to all and may you enjoy your football in 2015.


Team allocations & grading days will be held at Punchbowl Park , Viola Street , Punchbowl

Tuesday and Thursday

U6s – U12s 5:00pm through to 6:00pm

U13’s – U17’s 6:00pm through to 7:00pm

U19s – U21s 7:00pm through to 8:00pm

Please ensure you arrive 15 minutes before your time slot.


Please note the following dates in your diary as the club is currently finalising trials:

7/8 March

14/15 March

21/22 March

28/29 March

(Details are still being finalised).

Note: Season is likely start date on Saturday 12th April.

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