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SCC Sunday Draw Round 2

Week 2 St George Junior Rugby League 19/04/2015
Cahill Park
9.30am Under 13 (ii) Arncliffe Scots V Carlingford Cougars (2)
10.35am Under 14 (iii) Newtown Jnr Jets (W) V Kogarah Cougars
11.40am Under 15 (iii) Arncliffe Scots V Carlingford Cougars (2)
12.45pm Under 16 (ii) Earlwood Saints V Kogarah Cougars
2.10pm 2nd Grade Arncliffe Scots V Riverwood Legion
Beverly Hills Park
9.30am Under 13 (ii) Kingsgrove Colts V North Sydney Brothers
10.35am Under 14 (ii) Penshurst RSL V North Ryde Hawks
11.40am Under 17 (ii) Kingsgrove Colts V Brighton Seagulls
1.00pm Under 15 (ii) Penshurst RSL V Five Dock RSL
2.05pm 3rd Grade Kingsgrove Colts V Hurstville United
Renown Park
9.00am Under 14 (ii) Renown United V Hurstville United
10.05am Under 13 (i) Renown United V Holy Cross
11.10am Under 14 (ii) Earlwood Saints V Enfield Federals
12.15pm Under 16 (ii) Renown United V St Charles
1.35pm Under 19 (ii) Renown United V Moorebank Rams (B)
3.00pm 1st Grade Renown United V East Campbelltown
Balmain Junior League
Birchgrove Oval
1.40pm Under 14 (i) Strathfield Raiders V Moorebank Rams (A)
Blackmore Oval
3.20PM Under 14 (i) Leichhardt Wanderers V St George Dragons
Cox Park
11.25AM Under 17 (iii) Carlingford Nth Ryde Griffins V Chester Hill Hornets
Goggard Park
1.55PM Under 19 (ii) Concord Burwood United V Regents Park Pumas
Canterbury Bankstown Junior Rugby League
Roberts Pk v
10.15AM 14D3 Bankstown Bulls v St Johns B
11.20AM 14D2 Greenacre Tigers v Clovelly B
12.30PM 14D1 Bankstown Sports v Maroubra R
1.45PM 16D2 Greenacre Tigers v East Hills
3.00PM 19D2 Greenacre Tigers v Ingleburn RSL
Hammondville Oval
10.30AM 14D3 Moorebank Rams v Clovelly R
11.35AM 15D3 Moorebank Rams v North Ryde Hawks
12.40PM 15D1 Moorebank Rams v St Johns
1.45PM 17D1 Moorebank Rams v St Johns
Bill Delauney
10.00AM 14D2 St Christophers v Bankstown Sports B
11.05AM 15D2 St Christophers v Bankstown Bulls
12.15PM 17D1 St Christophers v Clovelly Crocs B
1.30PM 1st Gde Auburn Warriors v Penshurst G
3.00PM 1st Gde St Christophers v St George Dragons
Peter Hislop
9.40AM 15D3 Berala Bears v Bondi United
10.45AM 17D2 Berala Bears v Five Dock RSL
12.00 noon 3rd Grade Bass Hill Broncos v Minto Cobras 2
1.30PM 2nd Grade Bass Hill Broncos v Minto Cobras 1
3.00PM 2nd Gde Berala Bears v Five Dock RSL
Killara Park
10.30AM 14D2 Milperra Colts v La Perouse
11.35AM 14D1 Chester Hill v South Eastern
12.40PM 14D1 Bankstown Bulls v Mascot
1.45PM 17D2 East Hills v St Johns
3.00PM 3rd Gde East Hills v Regents Park
South Sydney Junior Rugby League
Coogee Oval
12.50PM Under 14 (i) Newtown Jnr Jets (B) V St Johns Eagles (A)
Marcellin Fields
11.40AM Under 16 (i) Coogee Randwick V St George Dragons
12.50PM Under 19 (ii) Alexandria Rovers V Bankstown Bulls
Mascot Oval
12.50PM Under 16 (i) Mascot (B) V Bass Hill Broncos
Pioneers Park
11.30AM Under 15 (iii) Newtown Jnr Jets V St Johns Eagles (B)
Yarra Reserve
9.30AM Under 15 (i) Mascot (B) V Bankstown Sports
10.30AM Under 15 (ii) Redfern All Blacks V Milperra Colts
11.30AM Under 15 (iii) Mascot (W) V St Johns Eagles (C)
12.30AM Under 15 (i) Botany Rams V St George Dragons
Waverley Oval
11.50AM Under 15 (iii) Clovelly Crocs (R) V Auburn Warriors
12.50AM Under 15 (ii) Clovelly Crocs (B) V Greenacre Tigers
Western Suburbs Junior Rugby League
Hillier Oval
1.30PM 2nd Grade Ingleburn Bulldogs (1) V Moorebank
3.00PM 1st Grade All Saints (1) V St Johns
Worrell Park
1.00PM Under 19 (ii) East Campbelltown V East Hills Bulldogs
Cronulla Sutherland Junior Rugby League
Under 19 (ii) Como Jannali V Moorebank Rams (A)
Under 19 (i) Gymea V Bankstown Bulls
Under 14 (iii) Kingsgrove Colts WOF V LOF Bass Hill Withdrawn
Under 14 (iii) Botany Rams Withdrawn LOF V WOF East Hills Bulldogs
Under 16 (i) Holy Cross Rhinos LOF V WOF Matraville Tigers
Under 16 (i) Moorebank Withdrawn LOF V WOF St Johns Eagles
Under 19 (i) St Johns E Withdrawn LOF V WOF St George Dragons
2nd Grade V
Under 13 (ii) North Ryde Hawks V
Under 15 (iii) Leichhardt Wanderers (B) V
Under 16 (i) Dundas Shamrocks V
Under 17 (iii) Redfern All Blacks V
Under 19 (i) Coogee Randwick V


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