St. Johns Eagles – It all began…

St Johns Eagles Junior Rugby Football Club (JRLFC) started in 1954, originating from the Boys school, St Johns Lakemba.

St Johns Eagles  is part of The Canterbury District Junior Rugby League and has been the proud home to aspiring young Rugby League players in our community for the past 60 years and for many years in the future. St Johns Eagles is a not-for-profit Club that has survived on the generous support of the family and friends, local sponsors and community at large—all dedicated to the growth and development of the sport of Rugby League and the moulding of young players into valued adult members of our community.

St Johns Eagles  enables players of all ages to partake in this wonderful sport and has enjoyed the pivotal role of not only securing the local future of rugby league, but indeed promoting the positive and unified spirit of a community whose heart is invested in our country’s greatest game.

St Johns Eagles have many registered players.  These players form many sides ranging from Under 6’s to A Grade.

Our Purpose

St Johns Eagles   is an active and important part of our community. We provide young players with the opportunity to participate in healthy competition, increasing their team skills and athletic ability, all while providing a solid grounding of discipline, fairness and positive life values.

What our players learn during their time as team members at St Johns Eagles , enables them to grow into better people; providing a positive contribution to their team and community. Our young players embody the St Johns Eagles  spirit of determination, focus and working together to create further success as they enter their adult lives.

Our Supporters

Our Supporters come from all walks of life, from high-flying Professionals to honest, hard-working Trades people, all united by a love of our club. When you’ve been around for such a long time, you can also boast the support of the greater St Johns Community, consisting of ex players, Coaches, Trainers and Managers, who equally like to stay engaged and up-to-date with the Club’s current successes. With at least 700 parents, plus family and friends and the many more supporters who are Eagles through and through, the St Johns Eagles  community remains a strong and vibrant force.

Our Achievements

St Johns Eagles  has a proud history of success. We have currently won 109 premierships in the Canterbury Bankstown Junior League, the most of any Club in the district, and have been awarded the Club Championship over six times in the last 10 years. We have also been awarded over the many years Junior, Senior and overall Club Champions of the Year in the Canterbury Bankstown Junior League. Our popularity is testament to this success;  we are one of the  largest club in the district. Many have been apart of this proud history and the important role we play within the community.

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