Junior Life Members

The late Eighties saw the club reintroduce senior grades to the Canterbury competition.

In 1994, the club committee felt that since players could now play for the club for 10 years, it would be suitable to honour these players with Junior Life membership. The club started the concept of honouring its long serving players through a video tribute at the end of their tenth year.

Players are also presented with a jacket with the years of service embroidered on it. Over the years the honour roll of Junior Life Member will increase and we hope that some will be able to dedicate time to become a full Life Member of the club.

Ten Year Service

Honour List

Year Recipient
1994 Geoff Chehine
1995 Norm Doumit Stephen Michael
1996 Daniel Potts Wally Estephan George Tobaji Andrew Bechara Mark Cutajar
1997 Charlie Alam Verna Kesi Sean McGrath Steven Dib George Khoury Damien Michael
1998 lan Cutajar Nicholas Karam Erik Trostel Charbel Youssef Tony Zouein
1999 Jack Tarchichi Pierre Sassin Anthony Coorey
2000 Anthony Karam Claude Kattar Chris Saab Ramon Garcia
2001 Antonio Mino Dean McGrath Raymond Roumanous Carl Roumanous Trevor Brown Peter Lui Charbel Khoury Charbel Mardini
2002 Richard Sarkis Danny Youssef George Farah Raymond Wynne Johnny Massoud Danny Chehine
2003 David Vaughan Fred Noujaim Andrew Habib Daniel Hamad
2004 Charbel Davis Wade Hassarani Mitchell Raimona Daniel Rapana Salamo Satuila
2005 Daniel Brown Paul Schibaia
2006 Andrew Abou-Sleiman Carlos Assi Daniel Safkouni Christopher Nasr Youssef Noujaim Charbal Azzi Masen Safkouki Adam Rehayem
2007 Mitchell Gayad Mitchell Mamary Charbel Ayoub Troy McGrath Daniel Tuulau Dillon Singh Jason Yacoub
2008 Tevin Singh Charlie Daoud Mohamoud Kassem George El Azzi John Kite
2009 Jake Safetly Joseph Safetly Daniel Safetly Christopher Assad Anthony Haddad Chaz Matanina Sam Nohra Michael Massih Jason Tuulau Anthony Bakhos
2010 Felix Moli Matthew Vale Liam O’Brien Domonique Bakhos
2011 Joshua Bakhos Jay Robinson Blake Sheehan Philip Soufar
2012 David Haddad Nicole Malouf Leilani Latu
2013 Andrei Bakhos, Nathan Fayad, Joshua Doueihi, Frankie Trostel