A minimum of 10 years service. It is a great honour for a member of any volunteer club to be nominated as a Life Member, particularly for the St Johns Eagles JRLFC.

It is a testament to the hard work and unselfishness displayed by a member who has significantly contributed to the running of the club. The spirit and will to excel at St Johns is a trait which becomes ingrained into players and members as they strive towards their goals.

As a Life Member you are an ambassador not only for St Johns Eagles JRLFC but also for other affiliated clubs and sponsors and supporters of our club. The members and community congratulate those who have attained this level of recognition within St Johns Eagles JRLFC and hope that others will aspire to join them.

Life Members

Year Name
1976 John Moran
1982 Brian McCullagh
1987 Ray Pike
1989 Dennis Jessup
1990 Michael Byrne
1991 Vince Ryan
1993 Gerard Southam
1996 Joe Karam
1997 Nal Wijesekera
1999 Paul Fitzsimons
2000 Michael Khoury
2000 Ted McGrath